São Paulo, 1985. Lives in São Paulo and Budapeste

The Sesc Sorocaba car park, which hosts Frestas’ main exhibition, is the starting point for a site-specific work by Bruno Baptistelli. In order to create an installation that reflects the local architecture, the artist appropriates some of the staple elements of large commercial buildings, such as ramps, railings and flights of steps.

Bruno Baptistelli’s process involves occupying and interfering with contexts, often in a subtle, near-imperceptible way. From the very beginning, Baptistelli has been interested in rearranging the city’s everyday elements as an aesthetic exercise. In the series Reorganizações urbanas [Urban Re-organizations] (2008-2010), he spent nearly three years composing geometries out of detritus and rubble found piled up in the streets. Behind this was a desire to render his artistic intent visible on the cityscape. In the series Narrativas cotidianas [Everyday Narratives], underway since 2011, the artist keeps a photo record of his wanderings in the city and the formal curiosities that tend to go unnoticed to the walker, such as randomly repeated figures and compositions.

Considering the highly diverse nature of the public Sesc’s art events tend to attract (many visitors are already at Sesc for other sporting, cultural or health events), Baptistelli built his sculptures using materials and procedures not usually associated with the art world.



Sem título, da série Tolos, 2017
concreto e metal
PRODUÇÃO Ricardo Donadio (fibra Arte & Produções)