The visual arts program of Sesc São Paulo is present in all units of the network and deals primarily with the manifestations of contemporary art, by having educational proposals and dynamics as its fundamental groundwork. It has contemplated exhibitions related to Brazilian Art, Latin American Art, International Art, Popular Art, History of the Visual Arts, Architecture and Design, Illustration and Comics and Photography.

In addition to the visual arts program, Sesc has also offered activities related to the artistic languages ​​of theater, dance, music, circus, cinema and literature, as well as actions related to social tourism, health, environmental education, and special programs for children, the young, and the elderly. The institution has also counted on the SescSP Portal, SescTV, Sesc Editions and Sesc Stamp, as well as several magazines.

Sesc has developed, thus, an informal and permanent educational action with the intent of valuing people, by encouraging autonomy, interaction and contact with the most diverse expressions and ways of thinking, acting and feeling.