Towards other spheres and senses

Danilo Santos de Miranda – Regional Director of Sesc São Paulo

Art has renewed the senses of human experience by insinuating gaps for diverse ways of seeing the world. It is from this opening that probable discoveries can arise, involving a complex web that surrounds the perceptive universe, in which the sensibilization emanates, as much for the discomforts and inconveniences, as for the raptures and fascination.

From this perspective, Sesc, by envisaging the potency of encounters with contemporary art, has proposed the second edition of Frestas Triennial – In Between Post-Truths and Events. Such initiative, imbued with an interdisciplinary character, has fostered exchanges and approaches with artistic productions in the national and international spheres. Context in which poetic actions are taken as instruments for the exchange of symbolic knowledge, forging a platform for discussions about the arts and their intrinsic relation with the issues of life at present. With the curatorship of Daniela Labra, the project consists of a plural score with exhibit, training actions, performances, artistic residencies, urban interventions, educational curatorship, seminars, among other fronts.

Amid the profuse immersion in this fertile territory, focused on aesthetic experiences in dialogue with current flaming demands, Sesc, by making the Triennial, has sought to disseminate and share concepts, practices and ideas in the field of the arts. It should be noted that this proposal, inserted in the country of the state of São Paulo, has contributed to the decentralization of relevant cultural events from the axes consecrated by the artistic circuit. In this way, by broadening the sphere and reception of the different publics, valuing educational processes, the institution has evoked essential principles of its socio-cultural actions via symbolic manifestations, collaborating in the construction of critical perceptions about the contradictions of contemporaneity.

And in the ephemeral encounter with art, in the opportunity to glimpse at gaps – real or imagined ones –, may beacons be revealed to illuminate other poetic tessituras capable of stimulating the perennial search for discoveries and senses for human actions.